Sound Crazy To Work On Your DJ Biz During The Quarantine? Nope! It’s The Perfect Time!

The Lab toast & Jam DJ Training

Have you been thinking about wanting to turn your DJ Side Hustle into a full time career?  NOW is the perfect time to learn exactly how to do that!

Watch my video below for some great tips on how to do this.  I recorded this webinar during a presentation at a National DJ Industry Event in Las Vegas a few weeks ago (remotely, of course, cause Social Distancing).  This webinar gives you quick ideas on how to make more money as a DJ.

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“Get Up Offa Dat Thing” – Getting Your Business Off The Ground. You’ll learn everything from how to strategically stake a unique claim in your market, creating a plan to guide your company’s growth, properly managing your revenue and expenses, and how to decide whether to use subcontractors or employees if you want to expand from a single operator to having a multi-DJ team.  


“Where Have You Been All My Life?” – Identifying and Reaching Your Target Audience. Without paying clients, your love of music is just a hobby that most people don’t understand. Discover the secrets to identifying the perfect clients for your business and proven strategies for reaching them. You’ll also learn the right way to price yourself (most DJs leave way too much money on the table), how to structure your sales process so clients practically sell themselves on your services, and the easiest system Mary has found to follow up with leads, move sales along, and get paid on time

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As well as,

“Baby You’re a Firework” – Leave Your Mark, Expand Your Footprint. You got the gig. Now it’s time to shine. Dive into Mary’s etiquette tips and tricks to prepare for emergencies, so you can confidently handle any curveball thrown your way. You’ll also discover how to dazzle clients after the event is over, so you can continue building (and benefitting from) a strong relationship.
Mary has invested 14 years and more than $250,000 into business coaching, consulting, and professional services to grow her business. You’ll save untold time and money benefitting from her years of trial and error. (An $8,000+ Value)

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