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Play for A-List Clients, Charge Premium Prices and Become One of the

You’ve got a dream. Maybe you nurture it in secret, even as loved ones advise you to stick to a “real” job. Maybe you grin and bear it as you’re told that people like you can’t hack it. “You probably can’t even lift the gear. And besides, brides hate women!” But you keep at it because you know, deep down, that rock anthems, unabashed dancing, and a well-timed slow song can imprint on someone’s memory forever – and you want to be a part of that. (Ideally, a well-paid, well-respected part of that.)

If taking that leap of starting your own business feels confusing, intimidating and/or just plain terrifying…

If you’ve already taken the plunge, and are wondering what you need to do to take your DJ business to the next level…

If you believe that you’re so much more than a Human iPod…

Then this message is specifically for you.


We believe there are two kinds of DJs – Whole-Ass Magic Makers, and well… Half-Assed Jokers.

The real art of DJing isn’t about gear, it’s about atmosphere – and it’s not about showing off, it’s about showing up.

We’ve scaled Mary’s dream from a solo DJ with one crate of hits to a renowned team of 25, covering 700 events per year, and raking in about $2M per year – with every bit of our dignity intact.

Nobody told us how – in fact, we got mountains of horrible advice along the way. We made costly mistakes, and fed our competition’s growth. We didn’t have a roadmap. We would have positively killed for a roadmap! And that’s precisely why the Toast & Jam Lab was born.

The Toast & Jam Lab is for DJs who know how to get a raging dance floor going and want their bank accounts to sing.

The Toast & Jam Lab is for DJs who know how to get a raging dance floor going and want their bank accounts to sing. You’ll discover the secrets to getting off the ground and making your business legit.

Mary takes you step by step through the tools and systems you need to run a well-oiled machine so you can charge premium prices for your entertainment services. Whether you’re looking to fly solo or expand from a single operator to a staff of DJs that work for you – Mary’s got you covered with everything from systematizing and automating your business until it practically runs itself to recruiting and effective management strategies and more!

The Toast & Jam Lab consists of 22 training videos that guide you through the process and planning needed to set up a business. Discover the practical steps needed to make the leap from treating DJing like a side hustle vs. an actual business, revealed in 4 easy-to-follow training modules:



Get a glimpse of the career-making value inside the Lab right here! The first two videos are available right now:

How You’ll

  • Discover how to turn your passion for music into a full-time career that finally pays the bills.
  • Take the guesswork and fear out of launching your own mobile DJ business.
  • Stop working for other people … and create your own recession-proof business.
  • Become the most highly sought after DJ in your community.
  • Expand beyond weddings and tap into other hot DJ gigs like company parties, birthday parties, launch parties and even sporting events.
  • Discover how to scale your business with “purple unicorn” DJs who work every weekend so you don’t have to.
  • Easily charge – and get paid – premium prices for your services.
  • Be your own boss, build a thriving and sustainable business, and enjoy the flexibility to have a life outside of your business.
  • Learn the insider secrets and tricks of the DJ trade, while blasting through the myths that are limiting your growth.
  • Save time and money as you systematize, automate and scale your business.
  • Master the “boring” (but necessary) side of business, so you’re protected legally and your finances are handled.

Enroll Today and Get Access to 3 Powerful Bonus Gifts

Bonus #1 – Communication and Business System Templates (A $1,000 Value)

Delivered as downloadable PDFs, these handy tools will help you implement all you learn from Mary with speed and ease – and takes the guesswork out of your basic systems and correspondence. Download these tried-and-true email templates, meeting templates, and so much more.

Bonus #2 – Strategic Planning Guidance and Documents (A $1,000 Value)

Use Mary’s guidance to build a strategy to achieve your vision. You’ll receive a business plan template, a pricing worksheet, a checklist to help you pick between subcontractors and employees, and more – all available as downloadable PDFs.

Bonus #3 – Members-only discounts from our partners. ($Priceless)

Mary is constantly building relationships with key players and vendors in the DJ industry. As a Lab member, you’ll get exclusive access to private discounts and additional opportunities to raise your game.

Get to know your coach, Mary Nisi, in under 3 minutes:

Mary Wants You To Get Further, Faster!

  • 12 Monthly Coaching Calls with Mary Nisi. Bring your biggest questions and toughest challenges to the call and get Mary’s down-to-earth, straight-shooting advice to get you on track toward your goals. Calls are maximized at 10 participants to make sure everyone has time to share and learn from each other. All calls are recorded so you can relisten and even transcribe them to glean every drop of knowledge from her coaching.
  • Course completion certificate. Running your own business can be tough work, and we believe in celebrating all wins – big and small. Successfully completing The Toast & Jam Lab is an accomplishment that should be celebrated. You’ll receive a beautiful certificate of completion that you can frame and display near your desk as a visual reminder of the commitment you’ve demonstrated to your DJ business.

I wish that this product had existed when I started Toast & Jam way back in 2005. If you’re ready to put your DJ business on the fast-track to success, this is the course you’ve been waiting for.

Your Investment

The average wedding costs over $35,000, and on average, the DJ gets about 5 percent of that budget. (And many couples are willing to shell out a lot more than that for their big day because they know the DJ makes or breaks their reception.)

The Toast & Jam Lab gives you everything you need to charge premium prices for your amazing DJ services.

Lifetime Access to the The Toast & Jam Lab & 12 Monthly Calls can be yours right this minute for 3 payments of $500 or a one-time payment of $1250.

If you book even one more gig from this course, it'll have paid for itself

Why DJs Serious About Building Empires Are Raving....

“My business simply wouldn't exist in its current state, maybe not at all, if it weren't for Mary Nisi.

Her experience and confidence as an entrepreneur is infectious, and she immediately encouraged me to pursue launching the business when it was only a vague idea. We went from conversation to casual brainstorming to strategic working session to launch party in a very short period of time. Mary makes launching and running a business look easy and fun, and her votes of confidence in my abilities and potential were so matter-of-fact, moving forward just felt like common sense.

Mary's innate creative genius and wit had a huge part in my business! She knows how to capture personalities into a concise brand package.

With a straightforward series of intelligent questions and active exercises in prioritization and pricing, Mary took the fear and confusion out of defining my initial offerings and cost structure packages. They have evolved since day one, and will inevitably continue to change, but she helped me get my business off the ground with smart, clear ways to engage new clients.

Mary is a force of nature, a truly unique combination of talents, and pure joy to be around.”
Toast & Jam Lab Online Course
- Jen M.

Order With Confidence, Because Your Investment Is Protected by My 30-Day “Your Delight – and Results – Are Guaranteed” Promise

Complete your order today, and go through the entire course over the next 30 days. I guarantee that you’ll make more sales and/or save time – or I’ll refund every penny of your investment.
If you implement what I teach you and don’t see results, simply contact me and demonstrate that you followed my advice, implemented my systems, and didn’t increase sales or save time.

“Mary's fresh perspective is exactly what I needed in order to propel my business forward. Her out-of-the-box thinking and no-nonsense approach to life and business is a welcome change in a field of empty promises of instant results. Can't recommend highly enough!”
Toast & Jam Lab Online Course
- Meg M.


  • You’re passionate about music and ready to build a lucrative business doing what you love most
  • You’re an entrepreneurial-minded music lover who wants to work for yourself -- and still have free time.
  • You’ve been wanting to jump into the DJ industry, but just aren’t sure where to start
  • You’ve been DJing as a side-hustle and are finally ready to take the leap to a full-time, money-making machine
  • You want it all: financial freedom and enough free time to actually enjoy your life
  • You’re tired of trying to piece together a solid business plan from free internet resources (that don’t actually tell you anything)

“I first started working with Mary when all I had were dreams. Overwhelmed and intimidated by the processes involved in all things business; Mary helped me scale my wild ideas into small actionable steps, resulting in 3 new facets of my business this year alone.”

– Katie T.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Toast & Jam Lab

Sure you can. But will you? Will you put in all the painstaking hours of research and trial and error it takes to launch your business?

If you’re saying, “Yes, of course I will!”, ask yourself how much your time is worth? Is it worth your time to put in all those hours and hours of grunt work and making mistakes?

I’ve been there, done that, and I’m here to give you something even more valuable than business coaching – time! Trust me, you will want to hear it straight from me – the person who’s tried and seen it all!

When you enroll in The Toast & Jam Lab today, you’ll receive a proven system to follow … plus tried-and-true templates for emails, client meetings, best responses to the common inquiries you’ll receive, tips for dealing with difficult situations, and so much more.

If you’re ready to leapfrog over my success and benefit from my 14 years of trial and error, enroll today.

No. You’ll be able to put everything you learn to work in your business immediately. In addition to engaging video training, you’ll get access to templates, worksheets, checklists and more to get you into action.

And if you want to streamline your operations to maximize efficiency and profitability, I offer solutions. There are some resources and software that I recommend based on my experience using them in my own business. I only recommend products or services that I truly believe in and use myself. Rest assured I always try to get you a deal, so look out for discounts on these services I recommend!

However, these additional resources are optional.

Ready to jump on the fast-track to your DJ empire? Enroll Here

As soon as you sign up! I want you to have this material forever as your business grows. The beauty of the Toast & Jam Lab is that these modules and accompanying resources are made for you to take at your own pace. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start and be on your way to building your DJ empire!

Don’t wait another minute— Enroll Now!

No, once you purchase, you will have LIFETIME access to the course and no additional charges, unless you’ve opted for a payment plan.

Get everything you need to grow and scale your DJ business here.

My course is perfect for anyone who wants to grow their business. Whether you’re interested in hiring a team or being a solopreneur, this course will teach you valuable industry secrets that you won’t find anywhere else!

Plus, I’ll teach you how to find, hire and delight the rare employees who can DJ as well as you can. I call them “purple unicorns” — and you’ll discover exactly how to attract them when you join The Toast & Jam Lab.

Ready for the easiest way to put yourself miles ahead of the competition? Enroll Here

I do! That’s how strongly I believe in this course and in the lessons you will learn from it! If you follow my strategies and implement my systems, this course will pay for itself with a single extra gig booked. It’s that simple and easy to start!

I believe so strongly in the quality of The Toast and Jam Lab that I offer an unheard-of, two-part guarantee:

Complete your order today, and go through all of Module 1 during the next 7 days. If you don’t agree that it’s full of ideas that will save you time, generate more clients and revenue, or you don’t absolutely love it for any reason … simply contact me for a full and prompt refund of every penny of your investment. No questions asked.

Then take the next 21 days to go through the entire course, digest all I share, and put it to work in your business. I guarantee that you WILL make more sales and/or save time – or I’ll refund every penny of your investment. If you implement what I teach you and don’t see results, simply contact me and demonstrate that you followed my advice, implemented my systems, and didn’t increase sales or save time.

You have nothing to lose — and a whole DJ empire to gain. Enroll Today!

Email us at or book a free 15-minute consultation with Mary Nisi here. We’re happy to help out!

Learn More About Mary Nisi, Your DJ Business Mentor

Following a successful, decade-long run in improv comedy, Mary Nisi made her foray into entrepreneurship when she founded Toast & Jam DJs in 2005. With over 25 DJs, they do over 700 events a year. Since then, the company has provided the soundtrack to thousands of weddings and events—including a birthday party for Barack Obama.

Today, Toast & Jam operates from the upper level of her other business, Ampersand Cowork, a shared office space she launched in Chicago in 2017. When she’s not tending to one of her businesses, you can find Mary consulting and hosting workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs in various industries. Her latest venture, The Toast & Jam Lab, is a comprehensive online course for mobile DJs looking to transform their business into a thriving empire.

Mary fills the rest of her time with a weekly DJing stint on long-standing local indie station CHIRP Radio (she is a founding member); beekeeping in her Chicago backyard; and bicycling around the neighborhood with her husband, John, and son Sebastian.

Ready to leverage Mary’s experience and mentorship to grow your DJ business?

3317 W. FULLERTON, CHICAGO, IL 60647 | (773) 687-8833