Considering a DJ Career? Here’s Why it Might be the Perfect Choice!

DJ career

Whether you are just starting to find your way in the working world or you’ve been in the same career for a decade, you CAN choose what you really want to do for a living.  And there is always time to change course!  A DJ career may not be anything you have ever thought about pursuing.  Or just maybe, it’s always been a secret dream of yours (you know who you are).  If you’re not really sure if spinning tunes is your true calling, look for these qualities in yourself.  If you notice a few to ring true, maybe it’s exactly the career you should consider.

You Really Know Music

Do you have a crazy big collection of music and you somehow know the words to every song?  Have you ever found yourself in a particular situation and thought, “Hmmm…Rock Lobster would be a perfect song to represent this moment”?  I know – it’s a gift.  You should USE that gift for good!  Why keep those insane musical talents to yourself when you could spread the joy through an awesome DJ career?  An appreciation of all kinds of music, from T Swift to Buddy Holly to The Clash, can be the foundation to a really, really tall tower of success in this business.  I can teach you the rest here:

Weddings Get you All Kinds of Choked Up

Which sounds more appealing – hanging out in a local bar all night, or spending the evening at a pumped up wedding reception?  Wedding every time, right?  Yep, me too.  There’s something so magical about sharing in the start of a couple’s new life together.  As a DJ, you get to be a big part of making their dream celebration a reality.  Powerful stuff, baby. 

You’re the Life of the Party

Party people in the house!  A great DJ likes to have a good time, and can make their own fun wherever they may be and whatever they are doing.  You really do need to enjoy being around people and have a knack for making them happy to start a DJ career.  No Debbie Downers here, for sure.  Is your dazzling personality being totally stifled in your conservative office environment?  Then break free!  It’s hard to make that choice, but you’ll be happy you gave it a shot.

Whatever your background, present career, college degree (or lack of), if you have the desire to do your own thing and make fantastic money in a really rewarding environment, a DJ career could be the perfect fit for you!  I know it is NOT easy to make that commitment, but I have an amazing online course to help you start your career, grow your business, and turn it into a DJ empire.  Find out more here: