4 Awesome Benefits of Running Your Own DJ Business

DJ business benefits

You love your part time DJ gigs, don’t you?  Maybe you wistfully reminisce about them on your way into the office on Monday mornings.  In fact, you’ve even tossed around the crazy idea of turning them into a full time DJ business.  Not sure if it’s the right path?  Here are some great reasons to take the chance on your dreams.

Your Workdays Are Always Different

Office people usually face the same routine each time they go in to work for the day.  Lots of sitting at a desk.  Typing boring stuff on your boring computer.  Corny jokes and small talk from your coworkers.  In other words, pretty mundane.  A DJ career means lots of variety in your workday.  Like, you get to go to fun parties, and no two are the same.  You get to work with many different types of people from different backgrounds and industries.  And, of course, you get to listen to totally rad music on the job!

You Don’t Have to Answer to Anyone (but Yourself)

Even worse than working in a tiny cubicle is having a boss breathing down your neck about deadlines and reports (Chandler, where IS that WENUS?).  You are expected to do things their way and there’s usually little room for creativity.  On the other hand, your DJ business is your baby and YOU run the show (literally).  You make your own rules, set your own hours, take the gigs you want and work in the environment that you create.  Sweet. 

You Can Do What You REALLY Want to Be Doing

When you head out for work in the morning, how excited are you to get there?  Does your job make you really, super excited just thinking about it?  Or is it just a way to get the bills paid?  Let me tell you – being miserable is no way to live.  Following your true passion is the way to go!  If you dream of turning your part time DJ job into a full time DJ career, what are you waiting for?  An invitation?  Ok, we cordially invite you to get off your butt and start living the life you KNOW you want.   If you need a little more clarity about how to actually make it happen, START HERE.

More Time!

Running your own DJ business is not only rewarding (that’s a given), but it can give you the most important thing – TIME.  More time for yourself, more time to hang out with friends, go on vacation and basically enjoy life!  It’s scary taking that leap, but once your full time DJ career is in full swing you’ll be uh-mazed at how much time you have to do all the things that matter most to you. 

Don’t worry about doing it all on your own.  We are here to help!  Learn how to take your DJ job and build it into an empire.  All the info you need to get started is right HERE.