3 Essential Skills Every Successful DJ Must Have


There are many characteristics that you’ll usually find in a truly baller DJ.  A dazzling personality, of course.  A sense of humor definitely helps.  And a passion for the job is a must if you really want to succeed.  But while personalities can differ, some things are pretty consistent in the most successful DJs.     

Know How to Read a Dance Floor

This one ranks right at the top.  If you don’t have a handle on the vibe of the dance floor, everyone is going to sit down and the party’s over!  Your job as the DJ is to keep things moving and that means KEEPING people on the floor.  That’s where the magic is and that’s what people are going to remember.  Get your face out of your equipment and WATCH what’s going on.  If the crowd is starting to look bored, change things up until you see those smiles get bigger, the butts start shaking and the hands in AYER.

Be the Master of Your Music

This is where your vast knowledge of awesome music gets put to use.  A successful DJ will first get an understanding of the crowd that they’ll be entertaining.  Then they can create the perfect playlist – a seamless blend of new, old, classic, quirky and all-around fun tunes that will take the partygoers on a magical musical journey, baby.  Of course, there will always be guests that try to throw in a request or two.  A good DJ will handle them politely, even if you have no intention of playing the ridiculous song they asked for.  “Uh, I will see if I can get to that…”        

Have the Right Attitude

Having the right mindset can make the difference between success and mediocrity in the DJ business.  Be willing to work hard to achieve greatness.  Commit to being organized in your business.  Believe in yourself and know your worth (this one is surprisingly hard for most people).  And be willing to ask for help!  Want to know 3 brilliant ways you can be sure your pricing is where it should be?  Here you go: https://labtoastandjamdjs.mykajabi.com/pricing-guide-optin.